Saturday, January 24, 2009

The difference between 9 and 10

No… you can’t afford it. Simply because it’s expensive now… earlier it was 9 and now it’s 10. Sound stupid nah! Yes that’s how we sometimes behave. You might not decide in favor of buying nice sexy footwear simply because it has now become expensive, by only one rupee! If this weren’t true, then why did Bata Pricing come into being? Marketing studies indeed prove that we find ourselves comfortable in buying the stuff that’s priced at a digit ending in 9, since 9 ending stuff looks cheaper to us. Hold on… there could be more reasons.
Size makes a difference! Actually 10 is occupying double as much as space as 9. So are our eyes compelling our minds to think more diligently than otherwise? Well this could also be pure mathematics if you look at other figures like 999 and 1000. The former is still in hundreds and the later, in thousands! Nah, I am not interested in buying a T-shirt that costs me in thousands!!! Still not convinced? Let me reason…. ok, I give up then. So what could be the real reason?
Actually there is nothing real about it. It’s all perceptive; we human beings experience some kind of emotional trigger out of each major phenomenon. And that’s one of the reasons we either like or avoid the bigger phenomenon. We are usually very cautious about making bigger decisions, but not so about minor ones. In fact bigger decisions hardly affect you or me, since they are too visionary to be taken easily. But the matter of fact is that it is the small things that make the biggest impact on our lives. Every small decision that you would have once taken has changed your lives in the ways that you may have never thought of. The same also applies to every little initiative that you dared to take in yesteryears and one fine day you realize that you have created a big difference to who you are and what you want to be.
When our civilization got a wheel, we didn’t know that the same wheel will also make us fly one day. But we did, and so the saga has continued with every small step any of us has taken so far. The difference between 9 and 10 is big enough to be bridged easily in a day; but if you have come to 9 today then why not 10 tomorrow! In any case human being didn’t always want to travel in bullock cart! Nonetheless, I am now feeling bore to write all this… I need a punch… I got to buy a dark chocolate that is delicious as well as affordable, as long as I am not paying more than Rupees 9.99 for it!


Purva said...

hey..nice article...and i wanna add a new angle to the difference between 9 and 10...totally different one i must say....i say 'number 9 is better than number 10'and u know why?? ;)..well its because, though 10 is perfect it also stands for stangation...its like we have achevied it all and there is nothing else to put our energies to...on the other hand though 9 is not perfect, it pushes u outta ur strive for that perfect 10 and it the journey from 9 to 10 makes all the difference!!

Tariq PT said...

Well.. typical human psychology, though we know zero is smaller than 9 still this price tag ending with 9 suddenly attracts us more than the tag ending with 0(zero). The difference of 1 rupee or 1 paisa ( specially for your dark chocolate) helps take us the decision in our own favor. I will buy a pair of jeans for 999 rather then for 1000, the fact is that i want to buy that but this figure of 999 only makes me satisfy that i am making a good deal. So it hardly matters what comes back in change; sometimes it doesn't even reaches our pocket. Still any little saving is a saving for any less or most expensive item.
C'mon dude take that Dark Chocolate.

PAVLEEN said...

gud thought overall, this concept is even called as psycological pricing...!!!

IZIT said...

I agree with the numerological view of Purva and yeah the human brain works like a how the computer "think" and you will find out that your brain "think" in very similar way but be alert to do not let the pc control you,you have to have the control over it! :)