Sunday, December 21, 2008

Survival Theory - Another Perspective!

With the constant evolution in everything over last hundreds and thousands of years, the pattern of choices has changed dramatically. Today the dilemma of our decisions is mostly related to the incremental aspect. What matters to you and me is what would make our lives better and happier, in our own ways and for our own reasons. But have you ever imagined what choices did our ancestors have? During thousands of years of uncertainly, they played this game everyday and perhaps every moment. There were no statistical models or probability tools, yet all they wanted to do was be more confident in handling this question – will I survive?

Contrary to its literal meaning, survival theory (mostly known as Survival of the Fittest) actually means that people or systems who are even ‘Fit enough’ will also survive. In order to survive in long run, the living being has to genetically evolve for adapting as per the environment and learn to apply newer skills and knowledge for dealing with any unfavorable circumstance.

The matter of fact is that there is a race for survival at every stage of life or evolution. Only those who can come closer to the finishing line are eligible to participate in the next bigger race. The evolution of human being and societies also reflects this pattern very well. There are plenty of examples that prove this point such as – education system, job and responsibilities, companies and their market share, relationships and their depth, and politics; all of these are progressive in nature and each of them presents a unique survival challenge at every successive higher level. Thus if one can not prove his fitness – in any manner whatsoever – to successfully survive at the existing level, he wouldn’t be considered for next level, next challenge.

We invite trouble when we start to become complacent about our existence and forget the principles of survival. The scenarios change quickly and one fine day we find ourselves exposed to the vagaries of external stimuli. No matter we still live in a world that is considered civilized, yet the fundamentals of jungle rule still apply in one or the other form. Being bigger, powerful and successful today is no guarantee that one will exist tomorrow. The history is replete with many examples of great people, companies or nations going bust during tough times that possibly resulted from wrong choices – that went against the very survival tactics – made by them during their glorious times.

Be it about managing day to day affairs, dealing with crisis or enhancing the welfare, the principles of survival can be appropriately applied to any situation or place. We must remember that survival is not just a goal but also a conscious choice that we make everyday. No matter what we do, the most important principle of survival is that all our choices should be consistent with it.

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