Saturday, December 19, 2009

How are you?

I am doing great! Very cool! Yeh, I am ok! Fundoo! I am happy! I am good! Enjoying my life! I am fine… blah blah blah. These all are some of the most common phrases we speak in response to the most common conversation starter. Many people might feel good that the other person is concerned about their wellbeing. However, I am generally not comfortable in answering this question because of many reasons [and even if there were none, my education has been so constructive that I can at least try to prove all my opinions as generally acceptable facts:)].
Firstly, how many of us answer this question correctly (remember ‘how are you’ seeks information about your present state of existence)? I guess very few, unless we are talking to someone very near & dear to us! Do you ever tell the other person that are you feeling uncomfortable about the body odor of the person sitting next to you? Do you tell the other person that you are feeling some strange movements in your stomach and that you don’t want to embarrass yourself by farting again!
Secondly, this question expects me to know how exactly I am feeling at a point of time. Am I supposed to be tracking each and every moment of my existence, my state of mind, or my mood, for anyone might ask “How am I”? Oh, so here is a business opportunity for those no-brainer TV Sky shop products – they should make one product that can help one answer this question accurately, at a point of time!
Lastly, I see this question as an attempt to know what is going on inside me. Hey Mr. Socrates, let us first finish up the stuff on table.
By the way, just imagine how different our conversations would be, if we started answering this question factually. No, the world would not be a different place; it would just be little surprising for those getting to know what is cooking inside other person’s mind. I am sure our state of mind at a point of time reflects both – our thoughts and our body; an answer to ‘how are you’ should rationally shed light on all. So the next time you ask me “How are you”, don’t feel surprised to know that I am feeling somewhat turned on for the girl sitting behind you.


stuti said...

I really dont agree with you at this point.'How are you' is just an informal greeting not requiring any elaborative response. We dont enagage ourselves in dialogues about how we actually are as it tends to be quite personal.

Akhil said...

So, How are you?

Rishoo said...

Nice but not as good as the last one.

TB Writes said...

Stuti: The whole point is that How are you as become more of a formality, which people don't answer truly in most of the instances. Certainly it is an icebreaker for conversations and is considered a warm greeting.

Akhil: I am fine buddy :)

Risho: Thanks for your honest feedback; I will try to work in detail on much interesting topics in future.

Vibha Babbar said...

In addition to being an icebreaker for conversations, a general "How are you" also shows that you are concerned for the receiver of the question.

The answer may be a cliched group of words like "I'm good", "I'm Fine, thanks", "I'm jolly good, how about you", et al, this shows the other person's intention to talk to you, get connected or re-connected...example, when you do not talk to a friend for long, Facebook gives you the notification- "You haven't talked to your friend ___ from long. Say Hello, How are you."

A simple question like How Are You could be answered in simple I'm good, or I'm not so good. It's that easy! :)

It's just the matter of views...Nice blog anyhow. Keep rolling :)