Sunday, January 27, 2008

‘Green Notice’ happens only in India!

The world is going green – green buildings, green energy, green vegetables, and many more. In fact there is one not-so-new group of green proponent, which may not be even aware of this green concept after all!

The spiraling traffic jams caused by vehicles getting broken down on busy roads of Delhi aren’t something unusual, but there surely is something bizarre about the way of communicating a vehicle’s unfitness. Ever wondered to find such a vehicle with green notice? This noble way of communicating is not so new after all. The vehicle’s owner or vehicle’s driver, upon finding that his vehicle is unfit to move any further, parks it there and then only (no wonder how busy the road may be), and modestly uses some parts of a tree, such as leaves or branches, and attaches them to his sick vehicle so that the such green objects are prominently visible to any vehicle from a near distance.

Perhaps somebody might even want to thank this so called group of green proponents for their gracious act of at least informing the public, but then there is one curious person, who is intrigued to know more about this green way of communicating. Drilling in the depths, there are numerous explanations haunting his mind, perhaps some highly logical and some equally weird.

May be these people want to show that the vehicle is now lifeless in the similar way as is the green object hanging on to it. What was a few minutes before full of life, is now static, be it vehicle or be it the cut-apart tree.

May be these people use green to signify the inability to move! One might wonder why only green, when green means moving! But do we have red colored tress? Of course not! Hence our fraternity of these drivers might not only be justified but also appreciated for using easily available natural resource i.e. green trees, green leaves and green branches.

May be these people are protesting against “Global Warming”! Unplanned development and lack of foresightedness are resulting more in sustainable global warming than sustainable development and environment. So may be they want to confess and empathize with environment by using green on the same vehicles, which emit harmful gases. What a green way of protesting!

May be our drivers’ community is so impressed by art of war and guerrilla tactics that it is using the same green color that our armed forces use in the war fields to show the oneness with the nature. It is likely that they are so innocent that they believe that using green is going to disguise their vehicles and hence protect such vehicles against collisions!

Whatever may be the origin of this green notice, and how intelligent this green way of communicating may be, but it can never be smarter than an Indian, who can easily decipher such cryptic codes of communication. Further, no less interesting is the way India is, since unique things such as ‘Green Notice’ happen only in India.

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